The Struggle Part Two:

  • Blacks in the 1800's: I know first hand what racism is. I am a victim of a violent diaspora and genocide, like many non-european whites around the world.
  • Blacks in the early 1900: I know first hand what racism is. Reconstruction of the South only led to the KKK, who stalk, torture and humiliate my family for no reason, other than or skin color. They bomb our churches, they kidnap and rape our children, they harass us to no end, even though we are a peaceful people who just want equality.
  • Blacks in the 1930s: I know first hand what racism is. I have seen my family members lynched and killed for trying to vote (cough my great Uncle). I have been denied the right to education since my ancestors arrival. Ethnic Cleansing/Lynching/Genocide occurs in the south everyday at this point. I fear for my life.
  • Blacks in the 1950s: I know first hand what racism is. Jim Crow laws. Segregation created by whites. Without Brown vs. Board of Eduction, I would not have any access to real schools. And they continue to lynch our people. Police invade our houses and kill our unarmed sons for no reason, and get away with it. The KKK has infiltrated our justice and legal system for hundreds of years now, ensuring that there is no legal justice for Blacks in America, ever.
  • Blacks in the 60s & and 70s: I know first hand what racism is. I have been denied equal access to Colleges despite Brown vs. Board of education. I have been denied access to equal housing even if I do have the money to buy a house in the "white" part of town. I have witnessed my leaders (Martin, Malcolm, Medgar) murdered in cold blood.... simply for fighting for whats right in this world... civil rights.
  • Blacks in in the 80s and 90s: I know first hand what racism is. I have witnessed the governments (Reagan) direct tactics against Black people; the contra deal, placing drugs in Black and Mexican communities. then changing laws to make sure they are placed in jail for disproportionate amounts of time. We still need to bus our children into white areas to ensure they have equal access to education. And still they will experience racism. I am denied equal access to bank loans, house loans and credit cards because of my race.
  • Modern era Blacks: We experience racism til this day. We are still denied equal access to schools with the removal of Affirmative Action, we are still harassed by police frequently via racial profiling, and blacks are twice as likely to be unemployed not because of skill... but because no one will hire us. We deal with the onset of White Privilege everyday with psychotic terms as "reverse racism." Even if we are college educated, the average white person believes we are a part of gangs, on welfare or live in the "ghetto" (a jewish term). We are still discriminated against by banks, police and the government as a whole. When will this end?
  • White People: I know what racism is. A black person was mean to me once. I once lost a job to a minority. I have to hear Blacks complain about racism all the time. Its not real. Its all about class now. I totally voted for Obama. Racism is over.
  • Black People: .....................................................
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